Our Commitment

We from Mineraliberi love nature, the environment, animals, our planet and the people who live here. In addition to the excellent quality of our cosmetic raw ingredients, we keep the smallest possible impact on the environment.

What do we do

Our choice is always guided by the excellence of the product combined with its eco-sustainability, safety and ease of use.

What We Do not Do

We have chosen not to treat raw materials not considered safe and not to deal with multinationals known for unethical behavior and not attentive to environmental impact.


99% of our cosmetic raw materials are vegetarian, 95% are vegan. We do not treat raw materials tested on animals.

Recyclable and recycled

All our packaging is recyclable or recycled. You can reuse the packaging of many of our products. If you have not found a use or they have arrived at the end of their life you can put the containers in separate waste collection. With this contribution new bottles and jards will be born!


We are always attentive to your needs, your desires and we are convinced that sharing
new ideas is one of the best ways to grow together.
Good ideas can really become concrete projects.


We want to focus more and more on the eco-sustainability of our products. We want to continue to reduce the amount of packaging materials thanks to all the innovations on the market.
We want to reduce the use of non-recyclable materials by choosing
simple materials that are easy to dispose of after consumption.


    All packagings of Mineraliberi are recyclable!