Jojoba Oil cold pressed Organic

7,90 18,90 

INCI: Buxus Chinensis Oil


This organic Jojoba oil was obtained by cold pressing. Thanks to this particularly delicate extraction method it keeps intact all its organoleptic properties.

Jojoba oil from the chemical point of view is a liquid wax.

Used in hair formulations, ointments, creams and massage oils: Jojoba Oil (or better:wax) is a true multi-talent.
It is particularly suitable for dry and mature skin, because it has an excellent ability to soften the horny layer of the skin. It is also indicated for impure skin as it is not metabolized by micro-organisms responsible for many types of impurities. It is an excellent base oil in almost all preparations. Extremely stable to oxidation is the first choice to be used for oleoliths and all preparations exposed to high risk of rancidity.


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